couple in woods wearing hiking clothing

KÜHL Pants Review: Men & Women’s Travel Pants

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It can be very difficult to find a pair of quality pants that can withstand the elements and also remain comfortable. After thoroughly testing both KÜHLS men and women’s travel pants, we can confidently say that these do not disappoint! If you have been curious about the KÜHL brand or are in the market for a new pair of hiking or travel pants then this post is for you!

Couple in forest wearing hiking clothes

Disclaimer: these pants were provided by KÜHL for a collaboration. All opinions and thoughts in this post are our own.

We were so excited when KÜHL reached out to us about testing out their travel pants. As a couple who spends most of our time outdoors hiking and exploring we are always looking for a solid pair of pants that can endure our adventures. In this post we will share an honest review of the pants that we each tested on multiple hiking trips.

KÜHL Women’s Kultivatr Pants: Meg’s Review

I decided to go with the straight style Kultivatr pants in sage. As a person who typically hikes in leggings, I was curious, and also slightly skeptical, about trying out this style of pant. After wearing these on multiple trips in different terrains, I was extremely impressed with how comfortable they were and how well they fit.

Woman wearing hiking gear by waterfall
Wearing the Kultivatr pants at Linville Gorge, NC


One of the first things I noticed when I pulled these pants out of the package was how unbelievably soft they were. The main reason I typically opt for leggings when hiking is because the material of hiking pants is usually very rough and uncomfortable. However, I have washed these KÜHL pants multiple times and they are still as soft and buttery as the day I got them which is a huge win. Another thing that surprised me with these pants is how stretchy they are. While hiking, they are not restrictive and stretch with your body as you move. The exact materials found in the Kultivatr Pants are 38% Cotton, 28% Modal, 18% Lyocell, 14% Elasterell, 2% Lycra.

The Fit:

I am usually in between a 4 and a 6 when it comes to pants but opted to order a 6 after reading that it is better to size up in KÜHL pants if you are torn between sizes. I typically have to try on several styles and sizes of pants in the store so I was a bit nervous with ordering these online but they fit like a glove! The waist is secure and comfortable and there is also a built in internal draw cord so you don’t have to worry about wearing a belt. The style is very flattering while also staying functional. I can honestly say that these pants completely blew me away with the fit. They are as comfortable as a trusty pair of sweatpants but look great while still offering support and protection in the outdoors.

Woman hiking through woods in hiking clothes
Wearing the Kultivatr pants


Because we spend so much time in nature, it is extremely important to find pants that can stand up to our lifestyle. After taking these pants on several hiking trips, I can confidently say that they are durable and can handle a significant amount of wear and tear. These pants are an investment but in my opinion well worth the price to have a high quality, reliable pair that will last for several years.

Woman sitting in her van drinking coffee
Wearing the Kultivatr pants while enjoying coffee from the van


KÜHL Men’s Lawless Pants: Ty’s Review

I will be the first to admit that I am notoriously rough on all my outdoor gear and also very picky when it comes to outdoor clothing, pants in particular. I prefer a relaxed fit that’s durable and has legs with enough room to easily fit over the neck of my boot. The Lawless Pants by KÜHL have been my everyday, go to pants since owning them. They meet all of my qualifications and are possibly the best pair of outdoor pants I have ever owned.

Man hiking near waterfall wearing outdoor clothing
Wearing the Lawless pants on the Graveyard Loop Trail, NC


The Lawless pants are made of 98% KÜHL’s Knockabout Kloth combed canvas which is a cooler way of saying these things are tough and 2% spandex which gives them just enough stretch for those situations that call for a wider range of mobility. I found the materials to be extremely light compared to other canvas pants I’ve worn which at first made me question how durable they would be, but more on that later. I went with the badlands khaki color which looked more like an olive drab green when I first got them, but faded to more of a darker khaki after the first wash. These pants have articulated knees, a gusseted crotch, and reinforced back cuffs which all translates to durability and ruggedness.

The Fit

As I said, I am very particular when it comes to the fit of my pants. I prefer a more relaxed fit through the waist and crotch with the pant legs being long enough and wide enough to easily slip over my boot neck. The Lawless pants absolutely crushed it in this category. Just short of performing calisthenics, I tested the mobility and comfort of these pants almost immediately after putting them on. I can honestly say they are some of the most comfortable fitting pants I’ve worn while relaxing and while trekking through the woods.

Man wearing KUHL hiking pants in woods
Wearing the Lawless pants


This category is a deal breaker in my opinion and I put these pants to the test. There is nothing more frustrating than having a pair of pants that claim to be “tough” but are already falling apart after one or two trips into the woods. I can attest that KÜHLS Knockabout Kloth is rugged, durable, and reliable. These pants survived climbing up sharp, rocky terrain in the Appalachians, didn’t fray after trekking through heavily wooded forest, and prevailed stomping through deep, cypress swamp. I was fully expecting holes in these pants after what I put them through but to my astonishment, they were completely unscathed without even the slightest sign of wear or tear. The Lawless pants not only passed the test for this category, but flourished in my honest opinion.

Man on Blue Ridge Parkway looking at mountains
Wearing the Lawless pants and soaking up views on the Blue Ridge Parkway


We hope that this post has given you better insight on what KÜHL pants are made of. After putting these pants through the ultimate test we can confidently say that they are well worth the price and will pay for themselves many times over.

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